Introduction to the Mailing List Service

In response to the desire to implement a consistent mailing list hierarchy within each unit in order to facilitate distribution of information, a Faculty-Wide Mailing List Service has been deployed by the Faculty of Applied Science.

The service is implemented as a hierarchy of units and, within each unit, a hierarchy of lists. The subscribers of the lists are automatically populated from authoritative data sources such as the UBC Human Resources Management System and the UBC Student Information System.

Sympa Management Interface for EECE

Visit the Sympa Management Interface to manage your EECE lists' settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there one sympa instance per unit?

Having one sympa instance per unit allows each unit to operate independently of each other and allows each unit to maintain its own identity.

Where can more information be obtained?

Visit the Applied Science Intranet for more information.

Who may I contact for assistance?

Contact us at